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Arenna - Given to Emptiness

Arenna - Given to Emptiness

Label : Nasoni | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Four years di dit take for Basque-Spanish band Arenna to come up with a successor to their marvellous debut album ‘Beats Of Olarizu’ and I am not going to beat around the bush unnecessarily: as good as that ‘Given To Emptiness’ never is, but it was obvious that it would be very hard, if not downright impossible to equal that record, let alone surpass it. Arenna produces solid space rock with a clearly Colour Haze inspired sound. The guitars fan out broadly in the long tracks (not counting the short closing song, the songs are all six minutes or longer) in a way that makes Stefan Koglek proud.

All songs are in a stately mid-tempo with complex guitar lines and subtle additions of samples, mellotron and even theremin. All-in all this leads to a fascinating trip that may not be a space voyage like ‘Beats Of Olarizu’ was, but a voyage of discovery it is. An inner discovery that invites to close the eyes and be carried along on the sound waves of Arenna. For a moment the band sounds like The Stooges during ‘We Will Fall’, whereas the next moment it is like Kyuss or Colour Haze. During ‘Drums For Sitting Bull’ they scat in a quasi Indian style, giving a very special effect. But above all, this band know how to create its own sound. A sound that may not be too original all the time, but the way it is performed is masterly. The only thing standing in the way of a very high mark for ‘Given To Emptiness’ is the preceding album. Apart from that, a stellar album.

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