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Fear Factory - Genexus

Fear Factory - Genexus

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : When it comes to Fear Factory, you know what to expect musically. Super sleek, mechanical staccato riffs, pounding drums, melodic choruses, powerful, brutal tracks ... many are familiar with these typical Fear Factory elements. After the reunification of Bell and Cazares, the band released the very beautiful ‘Mechanize’ in 2010, after which ‘The Industrialist’ followed two years later. The latter managed to captivate me at first, but the perishable date turned out to small.

After listening to the promo of ‘Genexus’ many times, I am not afraid this album will undergo a similar future. The aforementioned characteristics you'll come across all over the album. And just like on previous albums, the vast amount of industrial samples is very decisive for the sound and atmosphere. Around it the band built in melodic chorus (‘Anodized’, 'Dielectric', ‘Regenerate’). The compositions contain all this time just a bit more cohesion (‘Dielectric’, ‘Protomech’, ‘Renegate’, ‘Battle For Utopia’), just a little more variety and more depth than on the previous album. In addition, Bell uses slightly more variation between his melodic vocals and his roar. Live it may not always be as good, but on the album it leads to good results. The quartet ends with the track 'Expiration Date', which is a little in line with 'Final Exit'; just a tad more sensitive, less pounding and with what long fade-out the album is ended in a very nice way. Rhys Fulber once again did the production and Andy Sneap did the mix, making sure a modern, heavy, tight sound is the result, and that of course fits perfectly with the music.

Tight, tighter, tightest ... at 'Genexus', Fear Factory fires their recognizable, devastating, industrial cyber metal at you in the style and form we recognize from 'Mechanize'. If you've never liked Fear Factory, this album will certainly not change that. But those who like the band undoubtedly will enjoy this one a lot.

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