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Fates Prophecy - The Cradle Of Life

Fates Prophecy - The Cradle Of Life

Label : Arthorium Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Fates Prophecy is already modestly famous in the home country of Brazil, and after my introduction to this band I can conclude this is justified. ‘The Cradle Of Life’ is the fourth album of this band no less and was released in 2013 as download. The album got them a record deal, which caused the re-release of the album on a round disc with a hole in it. And that disc has done many a spin in my cd player.

‘The Cradle Of Life’ is, like the title suggests, an album that deals with the origin of humanity. The ever-lasting strife between evolutionists and people with an old book strapped in front of their eyes is known. Fates Warning introduces a third option to this mystery. Too philosophical and too deep? Just listen to the music, for also that deserves a mention. We are speaking of heavy metal strongly influenced by Iron Maiden and with a melodic edge here and there. No price for innovation, but this album is very listenable. Just listen to the tasty ‘New Degeneration’ (I Want Out?), the majestic ‘A Prayer To The Sun’, the simply amazing title track or the almost completely acoustic ‘One Life’. Every song is different and despite the clumsy production your attention is grasped for the full fifty minutes.

Singer Ricardo Peres (who left the band shortly after the download release) has a good old-fashioned metal voice and he raises the songs to a higher level. No idea why the good man quit, let’s just hope Leonardo Beteto is worthy to fill the gap. In the meantime, I anxiously wait for the next album of this band. There cradle of life might still be subject to debate, but one of the cradles of good metal surely stands in Brazil!

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