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Fall Of Carthage  - Behold

Fall Of Carthage - Behold

Label : MDD Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Fall Of Carthage is a brand new band, founded by two veterans of the German metal scène, more precisely Arkadius Antonik (mastermind of Suidakra) and drummer Martin Buchwalter (well-known producer and drummer Perzonal War). The trio was completed with the unknown singer Sascha Assbach. He appears to be an energetic shouter with impressive growls, while Pantera’s Phil Anselmo and Machine Head’s Robb Flynn might be his main references. His vocal timbre goes from rebellious and furious metalcore-like chants to emotional and drawling low-pitched charms. Due to this vocal diversity, the album shows an interesting variation.

The foundation of the music – although one may find many different metal influences – happens to be thrash metal with loads of groove-laden catchiness. The tight impressive riffs are produced in a clear yet chunky way (of course at Buchwalter’s Gernhart Studios) and they instantly invite to create some moshpits. Opener ‘Upon The Small Things’ has a kind of mysterious, oriental flavour with violins on top of this brutality; that’s why we immediately think of ‘Now We Die’, the opening track of Machine Head’s ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds’, but this trio soon proves in the next songs having enough experience and talent to come up with a personal signature sound. The hacking energy of ‘Degeneration’ or the ultra dense sound of ‘Imperfection’ are namely ornamented with slower breaks in which a kind of emo feel prevails. The tight, yet melodious guitar skills from Arkadius (mark the lovely melody in ‘Means To Be Alive’) are inciting and refreshing. In addition the songs have those fetching choruses we all know from Perzonal War, with the upcoming classic ‘More Than Nothing’ as one of the highlights. It has the potential to make a whole festival area go wild. That is why this blend of rigorous thrash metal with modern metalcore elements turned into a shellshock that will appeal to a broad audience of every age. This is a debut album on which Fall Of Carthage manifests itself as seminal newcomer. Listen to it at maximum volume and it will make your day a bright one!

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