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Come The Spring - Revive

Come The Spring - Revive

Label : Engineer Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : Come The Spring is a band from England who have been together since 2012. The band delivers incredible energetic rock. The energy released when listening to this MCD, ‘Revive’, is immense.

The trump card the band can play is undoubtedly singer Sam Craddock. My God, how that guy can scream! For example listen to tracks like opener '24' or the pounding singalong song 'Home, Sick, & Tired' and you wonder whether this man may has one lung more than you and I. He can roar, scream and go absolutely berserk, but nevertheless in one way or another it still sounds controlled. Very well done. Personally I'm more fond of more lingering tracks like the beautiful but unfortunately very short 'Winterlude', but also in that short song Craddock completely goes on tilt. His roars form a delightful contrast with the guitars of David Gamage and Simon Goldrick. My favorite track is' Air That I'm Breathing’ simply because that track in my opinion is the best composition. Impressive disc!

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