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Resistance - Battle Scars

Resistance - Battle Scars

Label : Metal Machine Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : It has been eight years since the second long player, ‘Patents Of Control’, from American metaller Resistance was released. Personally I was rather enthusiastic about the sturdy thrashy U.S. power metal with progressive edge that the gentlemen delivered on that record, and up to this day the album has the same power and impact as it did back then. I must honestly say that I had forgotten about this band over the years.

Totally unexpected for me the bands showed a new sign of life with the release of the new EP, ‘Volume 1 Battle Scars’. When a band has been non-active for such a long period, I always wonder if it has had any negative consequences for the band’s sound and style. But as soon as this EP takes off with the title track I can rest assured. ‘Battle Scars’ simply continues where ‘Patents…’ left off. All the elements that we heard on that album are again present here, and that means sturdy traditional heavy metal riffs, melodic leads, progressive tunes, faster thrashy overtures, and catchy vocals. This song alone contains many different influences and sounds highly versatile. Though the beauty of it is the fact that the total picture doesn’t come across incoherent or confusing whatsoever, and constantly demands your full focus. Vocalist Robert Hett also sounds as strong as he used to, and again lifts the whole thing to a higher level. His voice has the same power and charm as giants such as Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force, Satan’s Host) and Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.), and whether we’re dealing with faster and more aggressive, or melodic progressive parts, the man does not drop any stitches and stands his ground. The rest of the band is just as good, and professionalism radiates from the whole.

Although the six tracks on ‘Battle Scars’ are – as said – quite versatile, Resistance does show a more progressive approach in comparison with the previous releases. Therefore the songs require multiple and closer listens in order to come into their own. I must honestly say that I find that a pit of a pity, but that’s due to the fact that my personal preference goes out to the faster and more straightforward material (such as the magnificent ‘Voyage Of The Damned’). But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re dealing with a collection of strong compositions here, that will apply to a rather large audience. Fans of bands like (later) Jag Panzer, Artizan, Iced Earth and modern U.S. heavy/power metal should definitely give this record a shot. The only thing left to say is: Resistance is back!

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