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Chaos Plague - Existence Through Annihilation

Chaos Plague - Existence Through Annihilation

Label : Revalve Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dani�l : Chaos Plague is a progressive death metal band which portrays the philosophical thought of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The setting is clear: under fierce violence the passionate aphorisms about the Übermensch and the fall of reason enter the ear. Prepare for ‘Existence Through Annihilation’.

On ‘Coil’ the tone is set by the very prominent bass, which was familiarised in the genre by Dominic “Forest” Lapointe in Augury and Beyond Creation. The numerous solo’s come from the hands of Davide Luraghi and Luciano Duca, and create a wishful dimension of creativity and innovation. Next to the elevating bass work of Matteo Salvestrini there is the calmness of intermezzo’s. The colossal and bombastic alternates with the easy flowing of the interlude which reminds of the U.K. Mithras-project.

All in all, and not in the least by drummer Stefano Tarsitano’s contribution, the album succeeds in conveying a powerful message with powerful music, without losing itself in untraceable chaos which the band’s name seems to imply. The chaos is kept nicely within the borders of technical control. If something negative has to be said about the album, it is how the guitars tend to sometimes end up in the very back of the mix, which makes the sound rather dull. The melodic vocals betray broken English, so there can be made a lot of progress there. Still, always better than the watery, laced in effects vocal efforts of Steffen Kummerer on Obscura’s ‘Omnivium’.

A promising debut for the Italians. It brings hope to see that the death metal scene at her very best can deliver more than the awfully overhyped anti-christian and brutal message. Hopefully, it will help lifting the genre to a new level of maturity.

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