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Embrace of Thorns - Darkness Impenetrable

Embrace of Thorns - Darkness Impenetrable

Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : Embrace Of Thorns is a band that has been lurking in the Greek underground for quite some years now. It has members from Serpent Noir and Necrovorous and plays a sublime blend of black and death metal. Dirty, venomous vocals reverberate over riffs that range from uncompromising old school deathmedal to eerie melodies and icy black metal, all supported by excellent drumming. Nowhere does this sound boring or tepid, this band only uses live ammo. ‘Darkness Impenetrable’ is the perfect title for this album, for it is exactly the sound that is brought to us here. Dark, suffocating and at times mystical music. Greece has been spawning quite a few excellent bands over the past five to ten years and Embrace Of Thorns are a shining example of it. One of the best releases by Nuclear War Now! of the past years.

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