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Kamelot - Haven

Kamelot - Haven

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The at the end of 2012 released album ‘Silverthorn’ was Kamelot’s first one with the new singer Tommy Karevik and on that record mister Karevik proved quite clearly that he was the right replacement for Roy Kahn. ‘Silverthorn’ as such had therefore really raised the expectation levels and it remained to be seen whether this ‘Haven’ would be able to equal the high quality level of that album, let alone surpass it. After a few listens I can conclude very confidently that also ‘Haven’ has become an awesome record, which can effortlessly compete with ‘Silverthorn’.

Tommy Karevik has become a real member of the band now and sings the beautiful material with much ease. By the way, the song material offered is in my opinion much more straightforward than the songs that were to be found on ‘Silverthorn’ and I like that quite a lot. Especially opening track ‘Fallen Star’, ‘the duet with Delain’s Charlotte Wessels ‘Under Grey Skies’, the aggressive ‘Revolution’ and the fantastic ‘Liar Liar (Wasteland’s Monarchy), on which also Alissa Gluz-White is featured, are great songs that will make sure that Kamelot will be able to keep and may be able to extend their leading position in the progressive metal genre with relative ease. It was quite a tough and risky decision to replace front man Roy Kahn by the relatively unknown Tommy Karevik back then, but both ‘Silverthorn’ and especially this ‘Haven’ album prove that they’ve made the right decision. Again a fantastic album!

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