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Gazpacho - Night Of The Demon

Gazpacho - Night Of The Demon

Label : KScope | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : We often mention Oslo as the cradle of most extreme subgenres of our beloved metal genre, but it is also a music scène that includes progressive rock bands like Gazpacho. They are active since 1996 and built up an established name among the prog aficionados. In 2014 we reviewed their eighth studio album ’Demon’, a gem that brims with introvert darkness and mystery on a bed of excellent prog/sympho rock. We wrote that the band knows how to move people with delicious melodies and showcases a kind of integrity you can hardly find these days.

In Spring 2014, right after the launching of ‘Demon’, they did some selected live gigs to support that release. However, the band realized that not every fan could make it to the gigs due to travel expenses and distance. That’s why they engaged Dutch film maker Jon Vis to film their show in April in Zoetermeer at De Boerderij. The complete concert is now available on DVD and nine (lengthy) compositions are put on a CD (audio only – eighty minutes length).

Gazpacho is a genuine band and the only remark we had in earlier reviews is that they are very calm and it is never really heavy. We have to admit: in a live situation they sound just a bit more dynamic and heavier. The beautiful guitar solos and instrumental passages are magnificent, while the thoughtful vocals just fit in this performance. Of course this is not a concert of a bunch of wild metallers, it is obvious you cannot expect that, but the whole thing looks like a spirited band on stage. The majority of the ‘Demon’ album was played, but they also performed older compositions like ‘Tick Tock’, ‘Night’, ‘Firebird’ and ‘March Of Ghosts’. Everything is filmed in a calm and decent manner, so that you can enjoy this happening to the max while we see a bit of a rawer version of these Norse collective as well. This DVD/CD is relished with a 24-pages booklet with illustrations and liner notes. In 2015 Kscope will release the band’s earlier albums on vinyl and while the fans can have a good time watching this valuable document, there is also a brand new studio album in the making for this year. Recommended stuff for the sympho/prog crowd!

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