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The Howl - Death In Your Coffee

The Howl - Death In Your Coffee

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Wilco : I do not like punk. I hate punk. The biography of the Finnish act The Howl tells that they really like to mix death metal with rock ‘n roll and punk on their third demo. This fact, combined with the title of the demo and the infantile titles of the songs makes their obituary signed prior to listening. Actually I had already finished the review, but I still gave them a fair chance and I listened to the demo anyway.

And that's a good thing. It is certainly not a top album and I will also not often put this on, but as bad as I feared, it certainly is not. The smooth rock 'n roll is certainly there, but the punk influences, thank the gods, are minimized. This manifests itself several times in the vocals and the vocals are generally not purely a grunt, but rather a mix of grunts and screams. Not very good, but it could be much worse. The vocal melodies do not impress me, but instrumentally, this band surely has something to offer. Guitars alternate between old-school death metal and Göthenborg metal. This results in an alternating guitar sound with some wonderful leads. Unfortunately, there are plenty of really weak songs too. Therefore this demo is not an instant killer, but surely not an effort without any entertainment. There is hope for the future.

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