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Melodius Deite - Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy

Melodius Deite - Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy

Label : Izahuma Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The day was April the first, undersigned just came home from a day of teaching and repelled all the recycled April’s fools jokes once again (“Sir, there is a sticker on your back!”, “That is not possible, this shirt is made of cloth that is glue-repellent.” “Really sir?”) My alertness was still in critical stance when I was going through the latest load of music that had to be reviewed. With this promo, I immediately thought it had to be an April’s fool’s joke by the boss. Melodic power metal from... Thailand? Of course Horst, get your jollies off of somebody else! But it turned out to be no joke, for a few minutes later I was listening to the Thai band Melodius Deite. Regarding the album title, I was expecting Rhapsody clone number one million with all its bombast. This was my second misjudging in two minutes; it clearly was not my day... or was it?

Because of their remote origins, one can forgive the band for not knowing those spoken intros are really outdated by now. After all, everything is made up for when the almost ten minute long ‘Land Of Fantasy’ rumbles out of the speakers. Beautiful melodic and technical impressive power metal on which many a European act can gaze upon in jealousy, this is how this genre of music is supposed to sound like! Because of the vocal lines and additional instruments my first association was Angra, but because of the progressive elements also Symphony X springs to mind. Not counting the intro, the average song length is about eight minutes, which is long even for this genre. The breath-taking ‘Civilization’ even takes up more than sixteen minutes, but because of the thrilling increase of intensity you will keep on listening with full attention the whole time. The music is arranged colossally well and contains many layers and returning tunes, which makes the entire album fit well together. All of the musicians are virtuosi with their own instruments and their inventive playing lets me listen for the complete 75 minutes with jaws dropped.

If Melodius Deite would have been a German or Finnish band, they would be on the cover of every decent metal magazine by now. Just because of geographical reasons, this band will need to put in a lot more effort putting itself on the metal map. This proves that even in this digital age there are still large walls between different parts of the world and this, unfortunately, is no April’s fool’s joke. If by chance, you are able to get your hands on a copy of this cd, it is worth every penny, a true work of art!

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