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J.D. Overdrive - The Kindest Of Deaths

J.D. Overdrive - The Kindest Of Deaths

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : This new CD in a beautiful digipack (obviously they spent some time and money for this one, my compliments!!) is the third full length album by Polish rockers J.D. Overdrive, 'The Kindest Of Deaths’. I was quite enthusiastic about the previous release ‘Fortune Favors The Brave', but unfortunately not much happened around the band, at least not that I've noticed. Unfortunately, the focus for the men from Katowice is still primarily on their home country. And that's a shame because I'm sure the music of these guys will attract many people.

The band plays very, very, very loud stoner rock. Stoner that is going in the direction of outright sludge. So now you know you are dealing with the real stuff. The riffs of Michael Stemplowski really pop out of your speakers. In combination with the screams of Susel it is really an experience. Susel is actually a fantastic singer. He really sounds like Phil Anselmo in his best days; he is only better trained technically. And with a little more melody. Did you ever hear a bass roar as brutal as in ‘Crippled King’'? That's what I mean. Whether it's delicious up-tempo material ('The Fury In Me') or the more swampy songs ('The Great Good'), it all pops out of your speakers equally convincing and heavy. The tempo is brought down only once, in the completely acoustic instrumental 'Seeds And Stones’. This is the most uncompromised CD so far for the Polish band and therefore, also their best. When will these whiskey drinkers (guess where JD stands for) come to the rest of Europe? I want to hear and see them live on stage!!

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