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Graal - Chapter IV

Graal - Chapter IV

Label : Jolly Roger Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Italian quintet Graal takes us back in time. The album 'Chapter IV' is namely full of classic rock from the seventies and eighties. The band has been together since 2005 and released four albums to date and to put it in their own words, this new album is the most mature release to date. Where have we heard that before ...

It all is not exciting or spectacular. No, it is especially robust. Solid. Pretty standard riffs, the traditional duels between guitar and organ and a singer with a nice voice. Sometimes we hear a fine guitar solo ('Shadow Play') but I have to be honest: there is nothing happening that is really exciting or worth mentioning. Trust me, it's not a bad album, but it's certainly not good enough to impress, to be distinctive from the (fierce) competition. And I must leave it to that. Check it out for yourself.

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