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Gorilla Monsoon - Firegod – Feeding The Beast

Gorilla Monsoon - Firegod – Feeding The Beast

Label : Supreme Chaos Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : German band Gorilla Monsoon has its name from an American professional wrestler who was active in this sport a few decades ago. Just like the style of such an American wrestler, the music of these Germans is heavy, blunt and pounding. Gorilla Monsoon plays a mix of stoner, doom and sludge that you can best compare to bands like Crowbar, Down and Kingdom Of Sorrow amongst others. The groovy and bluesy vibe in the music strengthens this comparison and of course Black Sabbath references are also never far away.

The reasons behind the stage name of singer Jack Sabbath are thus not hard to guess. In his dry vocal style he mixes the sound of Phil Anselmo and Kirk Windstein with here and there some gruntlike guttural sounds. But very often he sings in a low, rawer singing style that reminds of what Sully Erna does in Godsmack. Just listen to the song ‘March Of The Hell Rock Inc.’ and you will certainly understand what I mean with this comparison. Other songs on the album that can be recommended for a first listen are the groovy ‘Hammerdown’ and the heavier ‘Goatlord’. ‘Firegod – Feeding The Beast’ is an enjoyable album in the genre, a pleasant listen (especially when the sun is shining), but on the other hand does not really add something new to the familiar formula of this stoner/doom style. The vocal lines are at times a bit tiresome, but in general this is definately an enjoyable album for fans of the aforementioned bands.

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