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Glittertind - Blåne For Blåne

Glittertind - Blåne For Blåne

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Glittertind got recognition with three meritorious albums in the folk metal genre. Initially this happened to be the one-man-project of the juvenile Norwegian artist Torbjorn Sandvik, since the previous album ‘Djevelsvart’ the troubadour presented us a six-headed band. Same guys are in charge on ‘Blåne For Blåne’ (‘Blue Distance’), but there are also some guest musicians on strings and French horn.

There is quite a difference between previous works and the new album and that is mainly due to the lyrical contents. ‘Djevelsvart’ was a dark, mysterious album, born from pain and sadness. This time our bard is cheerful and positive. The album deals with the time of peace and reconstruction which dawn after a period of war, more precisely the positive perseverance that arose right after the Second World War. The metal element is absent on this album, Torbjorn was inspired not only by Norwegian folk rock, but also American influences like bluegrass and Americana have found their way in his music. It results in an easy listening record with poppy flavour. Acoustic guitars prevail, mostly frivolous plucking the strings and the warm-hearted voice of Torbjorn which always includes a melancholic tinge. In several songs it is tastefully relished with strings. Introvert songs such as ‘Soria Moria’, the title track and the slow final song ‘Bøn’ are intermittent with up-tempo abundance like we can hear in the single ‘Hoyr Min Song (Till Fridomen)’. The most cheerful folk tune appears to be ‘Draumen’, inspired by a poem from Per Sivles, a poet from the nineteenth century. Although it is truly uplifting, it is one of the songs that do not really appeal to me. The storytelling vocals are once again all in Norwegian language, while ‘Enno Nær’ is dedicated to Torbjorn’s grandmother and the wives from fishermen who ruled the family for ages. A generation about to disappear and Torbjorn hails its value. This is a quiet, contemplative record with a positive vibe in the folkloristic genre.

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