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Marriages - Salome

Marriages - Salome

Label : Sargent House Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Everything returns at one moment or another. It is almost a law of nature. Especially in music there is a constant reversion to older musical styles. Whether it is garage rock, seventies hardrock, shoegaze or grunge, it will be recycled. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before a band would pick up the new wave / dream pop once championed by Cocteau Twins.

It seems that moment has come now and the band that took up the gauntlet is called Marriages. There is much that can be said about epigonism and other forms of musical mimicry, all seems to apply to Marriages’ debut album ‘Salome’. In every aspect it reminds of the iconic Scottish band, from the sound of singer Emma Ruth Rundle’s voice which is almost identical to that of Elizabeth Fraser and the echoing guitars which resemble those done by Robin Guthrie in Cocteau Twins. The only things missing are the typical fantasy words sung by Liz Frazer and perhaps that is a good thing. There is a limit to everything.

Besides borrowing from Cocteau Twins, other archetypical eighties big shots such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Sundays can be heard in the music of Marriages. The one thing one cannot hear is the fact that singer-guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle used to be part of the instrumental post-metal band Red Sparrows, one of many followers of the large group led by Pelican, Isis and Russian Circles. Marriages may have a much more recognizable sound than Red Sparrows, it is a bit unfortunate this is realized by almost plagiarizing another band. Obviously now is the time for a revival of the British indie pop of the nineteen eighties, which is good. Now all we need is more inspiration and less imitation.

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