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Infernal War - Axiom

Infernal War - Axiom

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : This is the first album I am reviewing what bothers me in a political way. On their Facebook page you can see that they are interested in very 'bad things'. Tough boys. Up to now I only pity them (who doesn't grow tired of the bad boys routine after a while?), but there is more. A member of the band calls himself 'Zyklon'. We all know that that is the German word for cyclone, but since this band is from Poland there's a different association with it. Furthermore they seek the destruction of Christianity and Judaism. You should have an idea by now about the political philosophies of this act. But we are not there yet. When this band started it was called Infernal SS. And that concerns me A LOT. Interviews also revealed that this really is their opinion and they are convinced of their own truth. We've heard that before. I'm really no Mr.Goody-two shoes. I can laugh at jokes about WWII, blacks, Chinese and Catholics. But I refuse to judge obvious right-winged extremist music objectively. When I put aside my principles I hear, unfortunately, quite nice death metal. There's a dash of black metal over it, making it sound like Behemoth sometimes. The sound is excellent and the album has a nasty, aggressive, dark atmosphere. That's all fine, but given the political ideas of the band members, I can still only speak of a big bummer.

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