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The Slow Death - Ark

The Slow Death - Ark

Label : Chaos Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : After to self-released albums Australia's The Slow Death returns with a new album that is released by Mexico's Chaos Records. Since the last album the band has had some new members added. We now also find an American in the band. Pallbearer's Brett Campbell recorded the solo guitar on 'Ark'. Unfortunately the line-up also had a loss before 'Ark' actually was released. Last December grunter Gregg Williamson passed away (R.I.P.). So, 'Ark' is the last album on which he can be heard.

'Ark' is also the best album The Slow Death has produced up till now. In general the songs are slower and even border the funeral doom. There's more guitar parts and these layers of different parts work out really well. There's a lot going on within the songs. So, 'Ark' can be seen as an exploration. Every time you hear this album you will notice new things. Listen to this album through headphones and you will understand exactly what I mean. You will also hear what a beautiful voice singer/keyboard player Mandy Andresen has. Such great voices you don't come across that often. The Slow Death definitely have topped themselves with 'Ark' and this album is one of the best within doom/death metal. A mandatory listen!

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