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Sonus Mortis - War Prophecy

Sonus Mortis - War Prophecy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : 'War Prophecy' is the second album by Sonus Mortis. There's one man behind this band and that is Dublin based Kevin Byrne. He used to be in the band Valediction. In 2013 he started with Sonus Mortis and so far he released a demo and an album. This second album is the first time I hear any music by Sonus Mortis.

I always have a lot of respect for those who manage to record a complete album by themselves. 'War Prophecy' contains fifteen songs that can be described as bombastic death metal. The bombastic aspect is largely due to the orchestral keyboard parts that remind a bit of Dimmu Borgir. That's not the sole influence we can mention as this basically is a combination of various styles. You can hear 80s New Wave like The Mission, but also black metal in the vein of Emperor or doom/death similar to My Dying Bride. All packaged within death metal. So, it is quite original and I think fans of a band such as Septicflesh might like this. I would like to give advice for a next album. I think a more compact album with only the strongest songs would be better. Now it's a bit too tedious and inconsistent.

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