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Shallow Rivers - The Leaden Ghost

Shallow Rivers - The Leaden Ghost

Label : BadMoodMan Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The debut by Russia's Shallow Rivers was a decent doom/death album that lacked any form of originality. The band was reduced to a duo and the two guys that were left, tried to give their style a new impulse. They definitely managed to do so. The emphasis doesn't lie on the melodies that much anymore, even when the melodies are still really important. They now try to sound a bit heavier and they play a bit faster here and there too. If I should make any comparisons I would say you can place this somewhere between Mourning Beloveth and Ophis. The band did make a leap forwards as the songs are all well-written. Yet, it's not all positive. The fact they don't have a drummer made them use programmed drums. The samples that are used sound annoying. That takes away a lot of the listening pleasure, which is a shame. My advice is to use a real drummer or use better samples on the next album.

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