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Kiske Somerville - City Of Heroes

Kiske Somerville - City Of Heroes

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : In 2010, there suddenly was a nice new collaborative project, done by Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville, two well-known names from the melodic heavy metal scene. Now, almost five years later, here’s the successor, just when I thought it wouldn’t happen. With the help of writer / producer Mat Sinner and mixer Jacob Hansen 'City Of Heroes’ is a very big and bombastic continuation. The sound thunders and swirls on all sides and the first impressions are of a more than decent second chapter. The voices of Kiske and Somerville are a good match but as the album progresses there’s also something I hear; (with other bands as well) you can still drop some fat sound and production but songs should offer something more. The team of writers, vocalists and producers know the tricks of the trade and clearly the best elements are well catered for in this genre. The fact that there’s no hysterical singing (too high and opera) is definitely a plus. It’s absolutely not a bad buy, but on the contrary I miss something truly genuine in this project. The fans will not be disappointed though.

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