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Night - Soldiers Of Time

Night - Soldiers Of Time

Label : Gaphals | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Up till now only the second single ’Gunpowder Treason’ by Sweden’s Night has reached Lords of Metal. Their 2013 self-titled debut didn’t reach us. Fortunately we did get a copy of their new album ‘Soldiers Of Time’ and I am glad I get to review this one.

Main reason is that I truly appreciate Night’s heavy metal. Their style can be traced back straight to the 80s. If you dig bands such as Judas Priest, Saxon or Iron Maiden, you might like Night too. The songs are catchy, contain cool melodies and singer/guitarist Burning Fire has a great sounding raw edge to his voice. Perhaps it’s not all new what you hear, but when something sounds good there’s no reason to complain. The band also makes sure there are some mellower moments like the song ‘Above The Ground’ with a main role for the acoustic guitar.. You can also hear this instrument in the intermezzo ‘Wanderlust’ and the closing track ‘Stars In The Sky’. The band knows how to create a varied album. Add to that the killer sound. ‘Soldiers Of Time’ was produced by Niels Nielsen who has also worked with Ghost. Night has toured with Ghost in Scandinavia by the way. The album was recorded at Studio Underjord which is owned by Joona Hassinen, who also took care of the mix of this album.

The fact Night lost their drummer Linus in 2014 didn’t have any consequences for this album. Martin Hjerstedt took care of that job in the studio. Live the band is helped out by Henrik Petersson of the band Screamer. That band has been helped out by Burning Fire in the past.

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