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Necrowretch - With Serpents Scourge

Necrowretch - With Serpents Scourge

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : We can conclude France’s Necrowretch is a band from the new crop that wears their heart in the right place. So far they showed us they made a nice transition to the here and now based on a great dose of inspiration from the past. It therefore is far from remarkable Century Media signed the band. This label released the great debut ’Putrid Death Sorcery’ and the compilation with older material ’Bestial Rites’.

We’re two years later and once again Necrowretch convinces. There are some slight changes though. In the past the band mainly worked with session drummers. In 2013 drummer Ilmar (Chaos Echoes) was added to the duo Vlad and Amphucion, which is a good thing for this band. When you listen to ‘With Serpents Scourge’ you can hear a musical change too. On their previous material you could hear Necrowretch drew inspiration from bands such as Death, Nihilist, Grotesque, Merciless and Marduk. On this new album you basically only can hear the influences of Merciless and Marduk. Due to the use of melody and aggression you can add bands like Dissection or Dark Funeral to the list of influences. This combination of speed, aggression and melody pays off. Necrowretch has delivered a great album in the form of ‘With Serpents Scourge’. The production is direct which adds to the aggressiveness. The vocals aren’t drenched in delay anymore, which is a positive factor. The music works way better with the current sound of the vocals. That directness in the vocals also adds to the overall sound. I think Necrowretch can be content with the result.

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