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Wolfpakk - Rise Of The Animal

Wolfpakk - Rise Of The Animal

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Michael Voss (Mad Max) and Mark Sweeney released two album to this date with Wolfpakk, ’Wolfpakk’ en ’Cry Wolf’. Both albums were noteable because of the many guest musicians, but neither of the two albums was exceptionally good. This third Wolfpakk album, ‘Rise Of The Animal’, continues this tradition.

On this album, you will once again find an impressive selection of musicians, among other the singers Michael Kiske, Andi Deris, Joe Lynn Turner and Don Dokken. The complete list of people you can find on the bands website. Despite the quality musicianship that Sweeney and Voss contracted for this record, this album once again does not convince. Most of this CD is filled with nice traditional heavy metal songs that have their greatest entertainment value in a little match of guess the singer. A few songs stand out like the majestic ‘Highlands’ (featuring Joe Lynn Turner), slow rocker ‘Black Wolf’ (featuring Rick Altzi) and the epic title track, which, due to Michael Kiske’s vocals, could as well have been on an Avantasia record. Apart from these songs, the material rarely escapes mediocrity. Though this album is an improvement over the previous two records, it is still not moving me. On top of that, the constant swapping of singers is gnawing on my nerves and I do not think this album would have been less good with only Sweeney and Voss singing without a hundred thousand guest musicians.

You take a bunch of well-known and talented singers and you release a fantastic record with minimum effort, Tobias Sammet and Arjen Lucassen make it seem so easy. This album is proof of that matters are sometimes more complicated than they seem.

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