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Ciccone Ritchie - Within Our Parameters

Ciccone Ritchie - Within Our Parameters

Label : Prime Collective | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : While I might be most interested in progmetal of our day and age, our headquarters tends to send me all kinds of different releases. This month, I was surprised to see an album in my inbox that I could best describe as simple American-ish rock from Denmark. Sounds like a contradiction? Ciccone Ritchie’s music is best described as modern poprock the likes of Shinedown and Theory of Deadman, albeit with more interesting riffs. It’s the vocalist, however, that really takes the cake on this one. Seeing as how this is a debut, his performance is impressive and the timbre of his voice feels familiar. It’s almost as if you come home to your favorite band from ten years ago. Although this album doesn’t quite bring anything revolutionary to the table, the 45-minute long listen doesn’t feel all that long.

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