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Thurisaz - Live & Acoustic

Thurisaz - Live & Acoustic

Label : Sleaszy Rider Recs. | Archive under different metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : Thurisaz can be proud of three excellent albums in the atmospheric death/black/doom metal genre and in March the Belgian band comes with new work. But firstly we ask your attention for a genuine, magnificent live registration. The mostly heavy repertory of the band hailing from Wervik appears to fit perfectly for acoustic interpretations. The accomplished five-piece incidentally plays non-electrified acoustic gigs. That’s what happened on the first of March 2014 (also on second March, since the first concert was soon sold out) in their home town Wervik. Professional recordings were done that evening and now they are ready to be released on DVD/CD.

For this occasion the band was expanded with two violinists, a cellist plus Els Blieck for female vocals. One could hear her in the song ‘Unhealed’ of the album ‘The Cimmerian Years’ (2011) and during this concert she has an important input. A song such as ‘Years Of Silence’ has a natural ability for a complete acoustic version. Also in ‘Inner Voices’ (very beautiful harmony vocals) and ‘Fading Dreams’ which is sung by Els, we notice that it is exactly those melancholic, strong vocal lines that have always attract us since the beginning and they even leap more to the eye in these stripped off versions. ‘Broken’ on the other hand is mainly instrumental and includes special innovative rhythms. In addition to self-written songs, the band performs three covers: the ultra dark tormented ‘Finality’ of Woods Of Ypres is brilliant, but the band also touches the essence of the Anathema cover ‘A Natural Disaster’ and the folksy ‘My Kantele’ of Amorphis. On top of the genuine, perfectly rendered music, Thurisaz has always been a band with manifold talented singers. Now that there are no extreme growls and screams on this DVD, you will notice that even more. The whole gig of one hour has been filmed in a calm way and breathes grandiose serenity. This is an essential document for those who were there and actually for everybody who wants to see (and hear) the sympathetic band in a different manner.

Interlude I
Years Of Silence
Finality (Woods Of Ypres cover)
Never To Return
A Natural Disaster (Anathema cover)
Inner Voices
Interlude II
Fading Dreams
My Kantele (Amorphis cover)
Past Perfect

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