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Satan's Host - Predating God Parts 1 & 2

Satan's Host - Predating God Parts 1 & 2

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : For those who still have not been privy to the horns I blew the last couple of years on this band, Satan’s Host is by now already into almost 30 years as a recording band and they were even founded in the seventies. After having the opportunity to have experimented with death and black metal, with the return of singer Harry Conklin the traditional metal is dusted off a while back and fans of bands like Merciful Fate, particularly for the true nature of the message, can probably not hold back their evil grin while listening to this.

Very personally, I thought the era with predecessor 'Eli Elixer' was more to my likings, but the band uses that more extreme period well to weave through their more traditional metal, with even a sporadic grunt. And I must admit that with Conklin back the vocal reach is opening up a much bigger scale of opportunities, I got to give him all the credits for that. The vibe they put down is in a very comfortable way very revolting, but above all it swings like hell. I must however add that I do think it will never be much bigger than it is now, but for those looking for it, it is a very great band to dig yourself into, since they are quintessential to the true spirit of evil metal. In this case fans are treated on two albums, but also a bonus track in the shape of a cover version of the Grim Reaper song ‘See You In Hell’. An excellent choice/ that sort of sums up what to expect from Satan’s Host.

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