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Eternal Wisdom - Pathei Mathos

Eternal Wisdom - Pathei Mathos

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The first two albums, ‘… Of Eternity’ (2010) and ‘Meditation of the Cleansing Fire’ (2012), from this German one-man-band around Johannes “Hanni” Tüllner were quite pleasant black metal releases in my opinion. Especially the last-mentioned album applied to me greatly, seeing that Tüllner had delivered better songwriting, and also due to its more extreme character. The black metal in the style of Dark Funeral, Dissection, Unanimated, Hades (Almighty) and co. with a flirt towards death metal was nothing new, but Tüllner had managed to create the right atmosphere, and the songs simply sounded good.

Last month Tüllner released his third Eternal Wisdom album, ‘Pathei Mathos’, which is released via his own O.T.O.W. label. Being a fans of cliché’s and seeing nothing cliché about the cover artwork, I was worried about the album’s musical course at first. But as soon as the album bursts out with ‘Seelenwanderung’ I can rest assured. This is simply a logical continuation of ‘Meditation…’ and what we have here is again sturdy atmospheric black metal. The striking point however is that the death metal influences are more often present. On the following ‘Gateways To Archaic Symbolism’ those death metal influences are even more audible. There is a bigger use of guttural vocals, and the riffs, rhythms and the overall approach are more death metal-oriented. Those tones are present in every track, and the names Morbid Angel, Behemoth, but also Hypocrisy come to mind here and there. Although I personally prefer the more pure forms of black metal, I must say that Tüllner manages the death metal approach well, and he has successfully blended the two genres into one whole. And by doing that he has also delivered his most versatile work with ‘Pathei Mathos’, and will apply to a larger audience. And so despite the fact that the music is still far from original, every track is convincing, and altogether ‘Pathei Mathos’ guarantees a 42-minute sonic pleasure.

As it was the case with ‘Meditation…’ Tüllner has again turned to his brother Robert for the production, and so sound-wise the album again leaves no place for discussion. The clear and full sound ensures the whole to come into its own well. Also the more technical character of the album is more clearly audible thanks to this, and it shows that Tüllner has progressed on both instrumental and songwriting matters. All in all ‘Pathei Mathos’ is a strong (yet little surprising or shocking) album that will surly apply to the fans of atmospheric black and death metal

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