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Stargazery - Stars Aligned

Stargazery - Stars Aligned

Label : Pure Legend Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Finland and melodic metal, a pair as inseparable as Laurel and Hardy, Bert and Ernie or Wacken and hangovers, so it may come as no surprise that these rising stars in the genre also hail from Finland. Stargazery’s debut album 'Eye On The Sky’, managed to attract some attention and now the band does the trick again with this second album ‘Stars Aligned’.

Again, Stargazery delivers beautiful melodic metal with a lot of lyrical references to the beauty of the heavens. Vocals are provided again by Jari Tiura, who is known of among others MSG. Some songs approach the sound of The Scorpions, like the pretty ‘Painted Into A Corner’. Also the big sound like Dio’s work passes by on ‘Invisible’ (which is not a cover of the good man). Other highlights one can find in ‘Hiding’ and especially ‘Dim The Halo’, a majestic piece of work which reminds us of how melodic metal is meant to sound like. Do listen to the official lyric video below.

Compared to the first album, which still sounded rather dated, ‘Stars Aligned’ has a much better sound. This means the musical qualities of this band are showcased even better. All in all this is a very nice piece of melodic metal which will surely appeal to fans of this kind of music.

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