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Simus - Vox Vult

Simus - Vox Vult

Label : Bakerteam Records | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : After a first EP and a Russian tour over the past few years, Simus is now ready to release their first full length album through Bakerteam Records. The Italian rock/metal band tries to implement elements of various artistic fields in their music. Judging by the cover art of ‘Vox Vult’ and after watching the music video for ‘Planet Caiak’, it is clear that the visual aspect that supports the music for example is very important to the band.

The modern sounding music lets influences of various bands shine through, without being a copycat. Dark yet melodic guitars in the vein of A Perfect Circle go hand in hand with harder progressive parts. Add a dash of nu metal to this recipe and you have Simus. Singer Mimmo D’Elia has a powerful voice and switches between heartfelt screams and melodic vocals, like a mix of 36 Crazyfists and Flaw. The fact he is singing some songs in Italian is also a cool extra touch. Though his English has a slight accent to it, this is hardly a blocking point. The record is well produced. It sounds very professional and clear. Even though some songs might sound a tad too emo, the overall vibe of the album is very convincing. Hard enough for fans of modern metal, yet melodic enough for fans of good rock music in general.

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