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Samael - Solar Soul

Samael - Solar Soul

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Re-release

Ramon : The album ‘Solar Soul’ by Samael is behind us some years now, so it was about time to bring it to your attention again. And that is done so by a limited edition golden coloured CD by Metal Mind Productions. ‘Solar Soul’ is widely considered as the album on which Samael more than on any other album finally managed to live up to the expectations. A critical eye could also read there that for the first time they did not manage to drastically renew themselves. And for both point of views is something to be said.

On the album singer Vorph fully airs out his course in mindfulness, which besides very educational is about the least rock’ n roll it gets. On the other hand, why is it you don’t do the things you after all things considered know is the best choice for you, there indeed is a dilemma that fits the complexity of Samael. Musically too this album doesn’t radically break any traditions and it is just in line with its last predecessors. And in all honesty I must admit that I myself too was not fully aware of the brilliance of this effort, it is an acquired taste that demands more focus of its listeners to fully get into what makes the songs special. Okay, catchy passages (no pun intended) like ‘Slavocracy’ is easy to understand for everyone, but before you get the hang of the complete balance between lyrics and music, that just takes a while longer.

And that also explains why this might not be the most successful album of the band to date, time is something you hardly get from fans this day and age. But take that time, spin it around a couple of consecutive times in your car or something, and you too will probably acknowledge it is a masterpiece, disguised as something average. Well, that means average by Samael’s definitions, that still is something of a level most bands would gladly trade with.

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