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Progstone - Out From There

Progstone - Out From There

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Around 2010 a couple of experienced musicians from the Swiss rock scène in Sion joined forces in a new band called Progstone. They wanted to honour the heavy rock that brims with emotions hailing from Seatlle – better known as grunge – and build their own modern empire out of that legacy, while adding a personal touch with stoner and progressive influences. They have released an EP ‘In The Wild’ earlier and we notice that they have a well filled agenda with gigs, mostly in Switzerland, since 2011. The four-piece puts down not an original, yet ultimate professional sound. For the debut album, finding its way to the fans in their homeland since early 2014 already, they engaged Geoff Ott at the London Bridge Studios in Seattle to mix their recordings done in Sion. That is the place where masterpieces from Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden once were finalized to gather eternal fame. For the mastering they hired Howie Weinberg, also a man who wrote history in the alternative rock/grunge scène.

The band has no lack of inspiration, that’s obvious. No less than fourteen songs with average length of four minutes can be found on this proper full length debut. Listening to ‘Out From There’ feels like homecoming and you can agreeably sink in wealth when you just have one sparkle of affinity with the whole grunge movement. Vocalist/guitarist Julien Brousset manages properly to come close to the charismatic vocal abilities of Eddie Vedder, surely in ‘Inner Fire’ and the more sensitive moments. The emotional heritage of the genre is rendered in a wonderful manner. On the other hand the band firmly rocks heavy as well with bone-crushing riffs, to avoid becoming too drawling. Some of the songs have too much iterations, but that is the only minor flaw we could detect on this debut, brimming with strong compositions and a proper balance between heavy and mellow. They also put some effort in the visual aspect, since you can watch great video clips for ‘Out From There’ and the ballad ‘Bark Of Time’. This is highly recommended in the genre!

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