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Gov't Mule - Dark Side Of The Mule

Gov't Mule - Dark Side Of The Mule

Label : Provogue | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : These recordings are from 2008 but finally they are also released on CD, the live performance by Gov't Mule during the Halloween show at Boston's Orpheum Theatre. A show that - according good Mule tradition - lasted three hours and largely consisted of a motley collection of songs from Pink Floyd. Not exactly a band you immediately think of when they hear the name Gov't Mule. Of course the band is/ was already known for its great covers, for example, of Black Sabbath (‘War Pigs’, ‘Black Sabbath’) Neil Young (‘Cortez The Killer’) and Humble Pie (‘30 Days In The Hole'); performances with a lot of improvisation. But Pink Floyd is still different.

Naturally the music of the brilliant English band lends itself pretty well to improvisation, but surprisingly enough Warren Haynes and his men still remain pretty close to the original versions. Of course all the tracks had the necessary Mule injections, which in practice means that the songs just got a little more soul. Therefore, these cover versions are much more interesting than the punitive expedition that a band like Dream Theater did with it. Whether it's the subtlety of 'Shine On Your Crazy Diamond' (what a guitarsound!), the keys of 'On The Run' or grooving version of 'Money', it all sounds absolutely great. I find it very clever that the band has been able to let their natural groove and blues merge with psychedelic and symphonic rock of Pink Floyd so naturally.

The album is completed by a collection of their own songs. Mandatory tracks like 'Bad Little Doggie’, and ‘Blind Man In The Dark' are complemented by songs that I had not heard previously live like ‘Brand New Angel'. The quality of the recordings are fantastic so fans of the band have another three hours of great live music.

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