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Dark Zodiak - See You In Hell

Dark Zodiak - See You In Hell

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : From the city of Eggingen, Germany, comes Dark Zodiak, a band that was born 2011 and that released their first demo ‘Throwing Stones’ in 2012. The bands current line-up is Simone Schwarz (vocals), Dieter Schwarz (drums), Charley Gak (guitars), Jürgen Gisy (guitars) and Siggi Kromolka (bass). ‘See You In Hell’ is Dark Zodiak’s first full-length which has become a self-releaser. It is for sale for only seven Euro’s through the bands homepage along with nice t-shirts, sweatshirts and the aforementioned demo CD.

Women in heavy metal are very often affiliated with female fronted gothic metal bands but Simone Schwarz can easily be compared with Acrostichon’s Corinne van den Brand. Screaming, gurgling and growling is a real delight for her. Musically, Dark Zodiak plays mid paced death metal which is quite enjoyable. I think the German band won’t attract anything resembling a mass audience but if you are a death / thrash metal addict, listening to ‘See You In Hell’ will do you no harm. See you in hell!

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