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Blakk Old Blood - Wrath

Blakk Old Blood - Wrath

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

MoL : A while ago in the review on the demo 'Pride' I mentioned I already was curious about the subsequent EP 'Wrath '. It recently was released during the first live performance of Blakk Old Blood in Switzerland. For now only eighteen (6+6+6) copies on CD have been released, but the tape will follow. If you missed that release – and chances are you did – you can listen to 'Burning Churches’ here and the summoning of Satan named 'Ancient Serpent’ here. The other three songs on 'Wrath' are in line with these, with the aggressive ‘Disaster Of The World', the maniacal 'Die And Join The Void' and the powerful 'The Might Of Wrath'. The big difference with demo 'Pride' is that the production is better, which works best with the fast, traditional black metal. Although some people desperately want a lo-fi production with black metal, in the case of Blakk Old Blood the better sound quality is a big progress. The sound is fuller and the aggression comes across better. As mentioned in the previous review, Blakk Old Blood is mandatory for fans of traditional black metal. I then named Sargeist, but if you are into Ondskapt, but you want a higher pace, then you will also like Blakk Old Blood.

Bölzer, from the same scene from Zürich in Switzerland, is becoming better-known, I expect we will hear more from Blakk Old Blood as well. The EP 'Wrath' compared to ‘Pride’ certainly is a big step forward in spreading the seven deadly sins. Hail Blakk Old Blood!

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