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Black Sheep Wall - I’m Going To Kill Myself

Black Sheep Wall - I’m Going To Kill Myself

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : Back in 2012 Black Sheep Wall released a great album called ‘No Matter Where It Ends’. A record full of dark sludge metal with the impact of a steamroller. Slow, heavy and threatening. The growling hardcore singing style of Trae Malone was a perfect match for the music. When hearing the new album, ‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’, for the first time, I’m simply amazed. Trae is no longer singing but has been replaced by Brandon Gillichbauer, who was once the band’s bass player. His high pitched screams are comparable to the vocal style you hear in some post hardcore bands.

Brandon’s singing combined with the softer guitars in opening track ‘The Wailing And The Gnashing And The Teeth’ make it sound like some teenager emo song. Luckily the music gets heavier as the song progresses. It is only with ‘Tetsuo: The Dead Man’, the second song on the album, that the recognizable sound of the band kicks in. Well, apart from the vocals of course. Brandon’s singing does not have the impact on the music that Trae’s voice had. The screams have a very prominent place in the mix and start to bore a bit after a while. The human voice is the most unique instrument in the world. As a singer you are a big part of the sound or identity of a band, and that typical voice of Black Sheep Wall is now missing. Musically there is still plenty to enjoy though for fans of the band. Great album cover by the way!

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