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Ankou Awaits - Oberour Ar Maro

Ankou Awaits - Oberour Ar Maro

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Aah, mister Eversole is back with his annual album by Ankou Awaits.. I wonder if the increase in quality of the last couple of albums is continued with this new one. Well, it is of the same quality as ’Wyltt’. Unfortunately the drums do still get on my nerves. However, now the drums have been played by Thomas and aren't programmed anymore, even though they do still sound as such and they still sound as chaotic as before. That’s the negatives out of the way. What remains is a fine black metal album where clearly thought has been put into and Eversole has given his everything. I am guessing that like with the previous albums the concepts and lyrics were once again done by Jessica Eversole (ed. info that we obtained later on tells us that the lyrics were the work of Thomas and that was alreay the case on predecessor 'Wyltt'.). If that is not the case I wonder who took care of them this time around. A good album ‘Oberour Ar Maro’ is. Anyone who enjoyed ‘Wyltt’ will also enjoy this one. But given the fact there was no improvement compared to the previous one this one scores 74 instead of ‘Wyltt’s’ 76.

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