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Craving - Batards de Beauce

Craving - Batards de Beauce

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Demo

Remie : When bands make music which are provided with vocals from a language that I can´t understand, then I have to admit it will lose my interest pretty easily. That´s why I am going to try to ignore the lyrics of this French band called Craving. It was pretty hard to read their French biography but I was able to figure out that the EP ´Batards de Beauce´ is from July 2013. The Frenchmen make a modern version of thrash which is performed quite well. Tasteful guitar riffs that consist of crushing grooves and melodic leads which is helped by a tight rhythm section. Unfortunately the vocals are behind all that and that is not because I don´t understand it. Craving makes a nice piece of modern metal but if they are going to reach far outside their countries border is still the question. Despite that the language doesn´t really need to be a problem, the vocals still come somewhat short which could be a reason to forget the band quite easily.

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