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Annominus - End Of Atonement

Annominus - End Of Atonement

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : Lately some bands seem to revive the late 90´s and early 00´s and Annominus is one of them. Melodramatic post-grunge provided by bands like Staind, Nickelback, and Creed which were quite populair.

With the album ‘End Of Atonement’ Annominus would easily fit between those bands. Melodic rock tracks with sweet vocal line’s that described doom and gloom which are ready for a teen audience, and sometimes are a gateway to more alternative and heavier genre’s. The songs contain quite some variety but I still have the idea that Annominus recycles allot of their melody lines and because of that everything gets quite tedious. The tracks ‘Despised’ and ‘In Fade’ are the perfect examples for that. Because of the monotone vocals it is something that even get much more emphasized.
Annominus is a band that I could describe as a coverband in disguise. They lack some identity which they still need to find. Nothing wrong with that but because of that ‘End Of Atonement’ will be forgotten quite easily, which is a pity because it isn´t really a bad album.

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