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Obscurity - Vintar

Obscurity - Vintar

Label : Trollzorn Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : You can always trust in Obscurity for your proper portion of raucous, authentic pagan metal. They are doing that in a glorious manner since the debut album ‘Bergisch Land’ (2000), right away the region in Germany they hail from and where every concept story about Barbarian times is situated. ‘Vintar’ – the seventh album in row – refers to the Scandinavian word for winter ‘vinter’ and the ancient German word ‘wintar’. The continent where survivors of Ragnarôk could build up a new life, called ‘Wodanheim’, is centred in the heart of Europe and this happens to be the home land of our five musicians, that’s obvious.

Once again Obscurity managed to create eleven energetic, battle-like songs with the ferocious (yet intelligible) scream-like vocals in German language of Agalaz (although he also goes down to some guttural low-pitched grunts from time to time) and excellent guitar skills of Dornaz and Cortez. Slightly Amon Amarth influences can be spotted in this guitar extravaganza during ‘Dominium’ and ‘Alte Zeichen’, but furthermore Obscurity remains doing where they are good in: bellicose Viking metal without stupid drinking songs, cheerful flutes or semi-nude women. That is the way we like it! I predict that the last track ‘Legiones Montium’ will turn into a new live anthem for this horde, since the band traditionally digs a bit deeper into things in a lengthy epic track here. Glorious! This is an amazing successor of the self-titled ’Obscurity’, released in 2012.

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