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Alkerdeel/Nihill - The Abyss Stares Back #4

Alkerdeel/Nihill - The Abyss Stares Back #4

Label : Hypertension Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

William Kampen : God damnit. This is ridiculous. I am used to spilling my guts in the most pestiferous manner possible towards the heaps of insubstantial records that are released every single day, but how does one put a record, that radiates so much negativity, it sounds like the embodiment of all that is tenebrous to writing? Aghast, I find myself staring at my screen for an hour already, struggling with my own thoughts. I can not recollect the last time that I have listened to a newer black metal record, that sounds as deathly and dreary as this one.

I had immense expectations of this record, but how could one ever expect to be struck down like this. In those thirty minutes, it felt like the ice-cold grasp of death clutched my throat and robbed me from my life. That rarely happens. I mean, it really rarely happens that artists are able to overtake me like that. After playing this masterpiece between Alkerdeel and Nihill, for the third time, I feel empty. I do not feel like anything. I am off to bed. This is enough for today.

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