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Acid Stone - Demo

Acid Stone - Demo

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : This band from Paris debuted with the ’Into The Storm’ and returned with their second demo ‘Demo #2’ in april 2014 so it took a while before we received it for review purposes. Their style is hard rock ‘n roll / garage / punk and their main influences are Black Sabbath, The Stooges and The Hellacopters. To me Acid Stone however sounds like a garage stoner band. The overall sound of the demo sucks dick, the music is kinda annoying, the vocals are weak and therefore I can be short about this demo: it bores the hell out of me. For more info on Acid Stone, check their Facebook page or Bandcamp page. Acid Stone has potential but it doesn’t seem to have taken off quite yet. Au revoir!

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