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Kaipa - Sattyg

Kaipa - Sattyg

Label : Inside Out | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Kaipa is, with The Flower Kings and Ritual, one of the standard bearers of the Swedish prog rock scene. All three bands bring their prog with its own atmosphere but use the classic prog of Genesis and Yes as a basis. Kaipa has been around the longest, with chief (and keyboard player) Hans Lundin at the helm and he regularly delivers a new album since the re-establishment in 2002, this year brings us 'Sattyg. Although there are direct bridges to the other two aforementioned bands with Jonas Reingold (bass) and Patrick Lundström (vocals), Kaipa remains unmistakably Kaipa and the difference-making factor is the pleasant dose of folk which is woven into the sound. There is also a female singer whos offers an extra vocal dimension; Aleena Gibson is her name and her bright yet powerful voice blends well in the sometimes complex musical spectrum of the band. Kaipa delivers with 'Sattyg' once again a beautiful album that has plenty to offer for all proggers, including three 'epics', you know, them songs than last for twelve minutes or more.

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