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Cruizzen - Free Ride

Cruizzen - Free Ride

Label : Pure Rock Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : After the debut ‘Hellrocker’ (from 2006) the five Germans of Cruizzen now finally can present the successor with this new piece of work 'Free Ride'. Thus, there is a decent time between both releases but that did not have any influence on the music of the men from Bavaria. On the contrary. Once again the band sounds like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and other related (hard)rock and roll bands.

The band will never win a prize for their originality. My God, these guys really have no problem whatsoever producing a lot of metal clichés. Because Alexander Mayer's voice sounds exactly like that of Brian Johnson, there is constantly a little voice in your head that keeps on whispering 'AC/DC'. There is nothing wrong with that. Better well stolen than badly invented of course. It all sounds very good: the musicians play tight and very mature and the production of this disc is definitely good. The guitars of Mr. Forster and Hennig sound pretty raw, heavy and full and they vary in speed. The band knows how to handle up tempo songs as they show in tracks like 'Straight Dirt Down’ and ‘Sparkplugs Blowing', but generally we hear the typical mid-tempo pounding. Fans of aforementioned bands can purchase this CD carefree.

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