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Revengine - Why Follow Road So Narrow

Revengine - Why Follow Road So Narrow

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : If you are involved with this e-zine for quite some time now it sometimes happens that you get a certain bond with some bands. Not so much as in relationships, but in the sense of kindred spirits. For me that is the case with this band, Revengine from Finland. So far, the band released a few EPs and a full length album 'The Absence' , that appeared three years ago. And as a reviewer I had the opportunity to say something about all those releases and I also did an interview with the gentlemen. So it is not strange that I was asked to review this new album 'Why Follow So Narrow Road'. Although, new? The album has already been released in june!

What is also strange: on their website the band reports the band coolly that this new album is their debut album! Strange. Or maybe not again? Where I noticed the last time the band had left out the American sauce that was all over their music before, it is now back again. And where the band had expanded to a quartet, they now are reduced to a trio again. More than ever before singer / guitarist Antti Jokiranta chose the direction of American bands like Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, among others. And this applies to both the vocals and the instrumentation, although at times Revengine is slightly heavier. Although I regret the fact that the characteristic Prong 'bleeps' are gone! The band has written good songs, which are brilliantly structured and they also know how to handle their instruments. I think best song on the album is 'My Charade' because it contains a perfect combination of melody and 'heaviness'. Again, the album is self-financed (are record companies still asleep?) but the production of this CD is more than excellent. And I also want to mention that the digipack looks great with a beautiful cover.

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