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Distance - I

Distance - I

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : Metal from the Iberian Peninsula and to be more specific we are talking about Spain here. And honestly I have to say that no metal band comes to my mind when I think of Spain. Maybe the debut release of the band Distance called ‘I’ is going to change that. A band that claims to have a large diversity of influences and that was something I noticed immediately when I started listening to the album, which I could describe as a biomechanical mix of industrial and alternative. Most remarkable I found Morgan’s clean vocals which reminded me of Faith No More’s singer Mike Patton and the screams sounded a bit like Textures vocalist Daniel de Jongh. A unique combination which is very fitting for the music that Distance is presenting.

In the first for tracks you find a band playing very decent but not to exciting yet. But from the track ‘Conception’ things change drastically because the band really show the diversity of their influences and managed to give it a final shape. The great thing about it is that the band manage to hold on to it until the end of the album. On the sound of the record I still have my doubts and especially of the heavily triggered drums, which of course works great with an industrial band but it still sounds somewhat unbalanced with the more organic sounding guitars.

‘I’ is an album that shows allot of potential and if they know how to keep the level as on the last four tracks entirely on an eventual future release, then I would not be surprised if it would become a very strong one.

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