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Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom

Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom

Label : Tyss Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin influences are still present on the latest release of Electric Earth, but also another name comes to my mind: The Quill. The latter also played loads of seventies and nineties influences, together with an update of stoner ingredients. The predecessor ‘Touching The Void’ showed Electric Earth being a band of very capable musicians, but could not completely convince me as a whole picture of song material, something that they certainly succeed in this time. As if the band has found more of a balance; this sounds just very good and it really grabs me. Also a huge compliment for the production which managed to keep enough harmony and transparency with the gritty, and at times straight filthy sound. Another asset is the great Kiss (Ace Frehley) influences surfacing in some parts (even more than before), something which must be very appealing to some listeners. One more remark: maybe it’s about time to place some more recent YouTube footage guys.

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