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Cadaveria - Silence

Cadaveria - Silence

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : On a metal market in 1998 someone put ‘Sacro Culto’ of Opera IX in my hands; saying that I really had to check that out. I did not listen often to the album and the reason for kicking up a fuss was quite strange to me. Well, we had that female singer that screamed her lungs out, indeed, and at that time it was still extravagant and unusual. My encounters with other horror/gothic bands from the Italian metal scène like Theatres Des Vampires and Mandragora Scream did not result in jubilation either. What about Cadaveria, since this is the band founded by the female singer and drummer Flegias when they left Opera IX in 2001?

Above mentioned thoughts taken in consideration, it is a windfall. ‘Silence’ happens to be the fifth studio album of the bat and vampire lovers. These days the girl and boys are not extreme or extravagant anymore. Fortunately they also miss the typical overacting and hysteria. ‘Silence’ is a proper gothic metal record with a female singer that uses a raucous timbre from time to time (but surely not harsh enough to say it has affinity with black metal), but she also has a good clean voice. The album is striking melodious, regaled with classical piano from time to time and loads of classic metal guitar solos. Songs like ‘Free Spirit’, ‘Existence’ and ‘Almost Ghostly’ (served with a chorus to sing along) can be labelled as catchy gothic tunes, the slower ‘Death, Again’ has the nearest approach to doom metal and one time they go in extreme areas again during ‘Loneliness’. One can describe the rest as energetic rock with dynamic chunky guitars and harsh and clean vocals from Cadaveria. They have left the barricades for a long time, but what remains is an accessible, yet a bit dull album.

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