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Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The expectations are high for the new, eighth album by Ireland's most important metal band ever. Without doubt Primordial meet those expectations. This becomes clear when you hear the opening song and title-track 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen'. All known ingredients are present, like the typical way guitar riffs and drum patterns are played. The opening song might be typical for Primordial, it is not typical for the complete album.

Primordial has their own sound and style and they don't abandon that. You do hear a band that searches for new angles. You can hear that for instance in the eerie sounding 'The Alchemist's Head'. In other songs you can hear some outside influences. For example the melody in 'Born To Night' that reminds of 'Emerald' by Thin Lizzy or the guitar part in 'Babel's Tower' which bears similarities to Mayhem's 'Freezing Moon'. This isn't a bad thing as it is clear Primordial first and foremost follow their own path. By the way, the shot a video to 'Babel's Tower'.

Basically 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen' is a logical next step in Primordial's career. The band knows and uses their strengths. You could conclude the atmosphere on this new album is a bit darker. The band strives for a broader, heavier more organic sound. I think they succeeded. The album was recorded under the supervision of Gomez in Grouse Lodge in the middle of Ireland. The album also has a definite Irish character. Of course we are used to this when it comes to primordial, but on 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen' it all falls into place.

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